This is a very exciting and highly innovative time here at Outside.


Outside Interactive, Inc., the premier hub for active lifestyle enthusiasts, offers best-in-class content and experiences to more than 70 million of the world’s most passionate outdoor, wellness, and endurance enthusiasts every month. We inspire a broad and diverse audience to do the activities they love with greater enjoyment, inspiration, and knowledge and are dedicated to making real change in the outdoor and fitness industries.

Outside Lake Tahoe is a leading local station within the OutsideTV group, which broadcasts films, live events, and shows to almost 50 million outdoor enthusiasts across North America. OutsideTV is a key part of the Outside Interactive network, a family of 25+ beloved outdoor brands. Outside Lake Tahoe provides a unique mix of timely resort information and inspiring highly curated active lifestyle entertainment to enhance its audiences' experience while they are in and around the Reno-Tahoe playgrounds.

Within 1 month, you will:

  • Sales Responsibilities:
    • Achieve sales behaviors to meet pending retirement of monthly sales goal
    • Work to attain annual sales goal of $200,000 per year or $16,666 in new revenue monthly
  • Sales Training:
    • Develop an effective Cold Call Script
    • Create prospect lists and Sales Force Training
    • Design flight campaigns based on client needs and budget
  • Collaboration with Station Manager:
    • Work closely with the Station Manager to develop sponsorship packages
    • Generate revenues and enhance various Outside Television Lake Tahoe properties
      • Includes LIVE Shows, Monthly Content programming (Lifestyles and Dining, Real Estate Show, etc.), Weather Reports, and daily/weekly content segments
  • Integral Role in Marketing and Sales Team:
    • Act as an integral member of the Station’s Marketing and Sales team
    • Lead the sales and sponsorship strategy for the Reno/Carson Valley/NLT/SLT and Truckee markets
      • Includes the Northern California region
  • Company-Wide Initiatives and Communication:
    • Promote and support Company-wide initiatives
    • Contribute to multi-regional sales and communications efforts
    • Serve as a key adviser to the Station General Manager and Production Director
      • Support local community relations and communications

Within 3 Month, you will:

  • Create persuasive sales presentations using market trends, creative insights, campaign analysis and case studies, emphasizing how our products align with their marketing objectives.
  • Negotiate terms, including financial investments, branding opportunities, and deliverables.
  • Cultivate strong, long-term relationships with partners, acting as their primary point of contact.
  • Provide exceptional customer service, addressing any inquiries, concerns, or requests from partners promptly and professionally.
  • Continuously assess partners' satisfaction and identify opportunities for upselling or renewals.
  • Meet with clients in person via events, trade shows, and territory meetings.

Essential Functions:

  • Client and Partnership Prospecting:
    • Expertly identify and engage potential clients and strategic partners
    • Conduct Up Front Contract conversations with prospective clients to establish clear expectations
  • Understanding Client Needs:
    • Uncover the underlying motivations of prospective clients for seeking our services
    • Analyze what has proven effective in their previous marketing efforts and pinpoint areas where support is required
  • Sales Force Contract Reporting and CRM:
    • Employ Sales Force Contract reporting to enhance transparency and streamline processes
    • Leverage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for efficient client relationship management
  • Tailored Campaign Creation:
    • Develop customized campaigns tailored to individual client needs
    • Align campaign strategies with the network's capabilities, ensuring diverse offerings at various price points


  • You have strong communication skills; are highly organized, disciplined & detailed follow up skills.
  • Take the initiative to get goals met and segments completed on schedule.
  • You maintain a clear sense of direction
  • Maintain a professional appearance to outside contacts as well as co-workers.
  • You balance day to day decisions against established objectives.
  • Self-accountable for performance results, commitments and deadlines.
  • Maintain a professional appearance to outside contacts as well as co-workers.

What YOU bring to Outside: (Preferred Qualifications)

  • 2+ years experience in related broadcast experience
  • Understanding and motivation to research and communicate current forecasts and trends in the Lake Tahoe area
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Discretion of confidentiality
  • Proactive and collaborative team approach
  • Decision Making
  • Strong established relationships with clients

California jobs: Employees can expect to be paid a salary of between $45,000 to $50,000 annually. Additional compensation may include a bonus or commission . Additional benefits include health care, vision, dental, retirement, Flexible Time Away, sick leave, and more. This salary range is merely an estimate and may vary based on an applicant’s location, market data/ranges, an applicant’s skills and prior relevant experience, certain degrees and certifications, and other relevant factors.