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OutsideTV is looking for a New Director which will require production responsibilities that include: shooting, editing, Production support and assistance on a crew with shoots, on-air talent, directing, trafficking of commercial spots for both national and local media, and a support role for station sales and rating incentives. This position is a 32+ hour per week hourly position that includes working weekends and holidays.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities

  • Produce (Host, Edit, Produce) Six weekly 83-second local news segments
  • On-Air Reporter for live shows a maximum of 6 times per week
  • Shoot, Edit, Produce story packages (Shorties).
  • Produce weekly commercial and content assessments as sold by the LTTV sales team.
  • Ensure weekly content segments are updated and airing weekly.
  • Upload and create graphics and script and news stories for daily live shows

Collaborate with other staff members on photo shoots and assist when necessary.Help collaborate creatively with new ideas for photoshoots and client creative. Must be open to reporting on-camera during content-driven segments (including “traffic reports” every half hour during camera shift day).

Participate in Nielsen’s Rating Watch & Win promotional phone calls to viewers.

Through working closely with Production Directors, Production Producer must keep all employee matters or other station matters confidential.

Contacts (internal and external) – Will maintain a professional appearance to outside contacts as well as co-workers.Team Player- Being part of a team includes the ability to assist other staff members on non-related production endeavors when asked by their supervisor.

Work with Production Director and production staff to achieve production goals.

Maintain the staff’s focus on plans, goals, and objectives through ongoing analysis and support.

Take the initiative to get goals met and segments completed on schedule.

Clear communication between the Production Manager, sales staff, and production, is vital for meeting production’s goals As a member of a team, it is important to maintain a positive attitude about one’s work and co-workers. Keep your workplace moving in a positive direction under stressful situations, and never undermine or speak poorly of a co-worker. Remember that you are part of an organization that is depending on your job performance to continue to move towards its goals. Shooting (camera work, audio, and lighting) includes all aspects of the station, including field and studio cameras.

Work in conjunction with sales staff, other producers both locally and nationally, and directly with clients. Clear communication between the General Manager, sales staff, and production is vital for meeting sales and production goals

Work with the Production Director and General Manager and to achieve business goals. Maintain staff’s focus on plans, goals, and objectives through ongoing analysis and support.